ZOOperstars! Set to Visit Knights Stadium…

Earlier today, the Charlotte Knights announced plans to bring the World Famous ZOOperstars! to Knights Stadium on Saturday, May 26. Here’s my press release.

So far, the club has confirmed that Snail Earnhardt Jr., Cow Ripken Jr., and Harry Canary will be on-hand to entertain the fans during the 7:15 p.m. contest against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

Now, it’s your turn. We want to hear from our passionate fans on who they would like to see. Fans can vote for their choice from a list of options on our website at www.charlotteknights.com.

Here is a list, along with my thoughts.

 Yao Flamingo
At over 12 feet tall and over 2,000 pounds, this character is a force to be reckon with. I wonder if he can shoot a jump shot like Yao did during his time in the NBA? Who doesn’t want to see a Flamingo?


Mackerel Jordan —
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever! But as a fish? I’m not sure he could even float! Could he run the Charlotte Bobcats? Hmmm, I wonder. If he wins, maybe we can swing a trade!


Centipete Rose
I bet you this character would put on a great show at Knights Stadium. He’s a former Philadelphia Phillies player, and the Knights are playing the Triple-A Phillies (Lehigh Valley IronPigs) on May 26. Plus, I hear he is a hit machine! And, he won’t cost an arm and a leg…just a leg!


Jeff Gordog
May 26th is a race weekend here, so Jeff Gordog would make a wise choice. Gordog could go head-to-head against Snail Earnhardt Jr., who is already confirmed. I wonder which character would win in a race? I think a dog is faster than a snail, but can a dog steer a car with its paws?



Manatee Ramirez
While Manny Ramirez is still a free agent, Manatee is not — he’s a ZOOperstars! character. Charlotte Knights faithful fans will remember when Manny Ramirez played for the Knights, now, Manatee Ramirez can take his place on the diamond. No word if Manatee will have to serve a 50-game suspension though. I guess it’s just Manatee being Manatee!




Nolan Rhino
One of the greatest pitcher to ever play in the Majors, Nolan Ryan is an icon, a legend, and now, he’s a rhino! I wonder — do you think this rhino can throw a heater? Also, it would be great to see this character because it sports a sweet throwback Astros jersey. I can see many people voting for this character. Will you?



Log-on to www.charlotteknights.com today and vote. Scroll down to the bottom right hand corner of the page and select your choice. The top two choices will be selected to appear at Knights Stadium. Voting runs through February 22, so hurry!

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