Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

Four front office members from the Charlotte Knights volunteered their time at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte on Thursday. Led by Community Relations Director Lindsey Roycraft, the crew headed to Charlotte around 10:00 AM (in the Homer the Dragon van) and spent the day preparing and serving food to hundreds of men.

It’s always great to give back to the community. This is the second time I had the opportunity to volunteer and I was more than happy to do it — we all were. It’s especially nice to see the smile on someone’s face when you hand them a meal.

Brett was the grillmaster for the day. He cooked the hot dogs, which were the featured food item of the day. Lindsey, Audrey, and I prepared the cole slaw. We mixed in all of the ingredients! We also poured all of the tea into the cups and then the four of us served the food.

Also, as part of the day, we donated hundreds of bags of chips. The Homer van was loaded with chips!

The Knights volunteer their time throughout the year at the Men’s Shelter. Lindsey does an outstanding job in the community. In fact, on Wednesday, during our staff retreat, she talked about all of the organizations the Knights donated to in 2012 — it was impressive!

We’ll be back at the Men’s Shelter again in November! Can’t wait!

To view more photos from today’s visit, there are several photos on the Charlotte Knights Facebook page. You can view those photos by clicking here.

More information about the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte can be found at their official website:

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