MLB Postseason Predictions

Yes, I know, I’m a day late and probably a dollar short on my predictions. If it means anything though, I did make my predictions to a few of my fellow Charlotte Knights staff members on Thursday morning. After watching the first two games on Thursday, I’m even going to stick with my predictions — how about that?!!

puigBRAVES vs. DODGERS: This might be the easiest one of all of the postseason matchups to predict. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Dodgers will win this series. They have been unstoppable — even without Matt Kemp and a healthy Andre Ethier. Their pitching is remarkable and Yasiel Puig is a SUPERSTAR! Even when Clayton Kershaw is not on his game, he’s still the best pitcher in the league! Word is that Don Mattingly was close to being fired before the team turned things around halfway through the year. Now, Mattingly looks like a genius. Good for him. He deserves it. Remember, Mattingly retired from baseball just before the New York Yankees went on their incredible postseason run.

There’s just something special about this team that I don’t think the Braves can stop. In closing, I do believe that Dan Uggla should have been on the postseason roster — but hey, don’t get me started!

PIRATES vs. CARDINALS: Oh, the mighty Cardinals. It seems like no matter who their manager is, or who their star player is, they continue to play great baseball year in and year out. Many people had Carlos Beltran washed up years ago — but Mr. Postseason continues to lead his team to victories. It is amazing though. As a Mets fan, I still remember him striking out (looking) to send the Mets home. Maybe he’s been a Cardinal all along — just kidding.

Anyways, facing Adam Wainwright is never an easy task, so I’m not surprised the Pirates lost game one. I still believe that the Pirates have a chance to beat the Cardinals. It won’t be easy, but my gut says the Pirates make this a series and beat the Cardinals in five games. Raise the Jolly Roger!

RED SOX vs. RAYS: The Red Sox look tough to beat. The Rays haven’t had a home game in awhile. While the Rays have a solid pitching staff and good young hitters, I believe the Red Sox will be too much for the Rays to overcome. Anything the Red Sox do — even if they lose this series, is a big plus from where they were last year. I’ll say the Sox win this series in four games.

Yoenis Cespedes

TIGERS vs. A’S: The Tigers are a very good team — I know that — but, I keep seeing that Tigers team that was no-hit by Henderson Alvarez on the final day of the season. I keep seeing the Miguel Cabrera, who hit .278 (20-for-72) with one home run and seven RBIs in 21 September games. There’s something different with Justin Verlander too — but, I still would have started him in game one — it’s Justin Verlander. Jim Leyland is a winner, so I can’t doubt him. Just saying…

The A’s are always an exciting bunch. Coco Crisp had a tremendous year — so did Brandon Moss — so did Josh Donaldson! Those three players were very impressive. Add the excitement of Yoenis Cespedes, and the A’s will come out fighting! I like the A’s in this series.

I’ll be back later this month with my predictions for the next round. It would be crazy to see the Dodgers vs. the A’s in the World Series. Not saying that’s my prediction — but how about two of Cuba’s finest squaring off in the World Series? That would be pretty cool. Maybe former Knights hurler Livan Hernandez could throw out the first pitch of game one!

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