Winter Meetings: Yes, there are meetings…

Monday marked day number two for me in Orlando at Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings. Today was the day for numerous meetings and seminars. I tried to attend as many as I could — and I am glad I did. I learned a number of things on Monday that I will take with me back to Charlotte.

Day 2

20131209_083709I attended my first meeting at the Winter Meetings on Monday morning at 8:30 AM. Kevin Sullivan, the founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications, INC, — spoke to a group of communications professionals on Monday morning and I enjoyed listening to what he had to say.

Kevin is the former White House Communications Director (July 24, 2006 until January 20, 2009). He had some funny photos to show of him with President George W. Bush.

He talked about numerous do’s and don’ts of public relations. The name of the seminar was “How to Become a Trusted Advisor and Improve Your Performance in Interviews and Presentations. I learned a lot from Kevin — things that will help me in our transition from Fort Mill to Charlotte and from Knights Stadium to BB&T Ballpark. My job continues to change each day and it was nice to hear from someone who has seen so many highs in the world of public/media relations.

I attended three more meetings throughout the day and enjoyed all of them for many reasons. It was nice hearing from my old Eastern League buddy Jon Laaser (Director of Broadcasting & Communications for the Richmond Flying Squirrels). He talked about “Establishing and Maintaining Media Relevance in a Crowded Marketplace.

During my days in Reading, I worked with Jon when our teams would face each other. He does a great job in Richmond and it was great to hear him talk.

I also attended a meeting led by Nathan Blackmon and Ken Gordon — both of MLB Advanced Media. Nathan, who lives in North Carolina, has been a huge help to me over the years. He’s a huge help to someone like me who runs a website for their Minor League team’s website.

Other things to note:
I saw many Major League players, managers, coaches, personalities, etc. throughout the day on Monday. While I’m not one to name drop, here are a few people who were within a few feet away from me on Monday: Tommy Lasorda, Bobby Cox, Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, John Farrell, Jim Leyland, Kirk Gibson… okay, you get the idea. There were tons more and as a baseball person who loves the game, it was a great day.

I also enjoyed catching up with my old Lehigh Valley pal, Meredith Marakovits, who has moved on to big things. Meredith currently works for the YES Network and was interviewing people throughout the day. She does a great job in New York and I wish her continued success.

What to look for on Tuesday:

As soon as I finish writing this, I am going down to the lobby of the Dolphin hotel to get my day started. This is a big day for the Knights and we have an exciting press announcement coming up later today. Stay tuned for the announcement and interviews throughout the day.

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