Next Stop, Uptown Charlotte!

Knights Staff Moves On:
On Friday, December 20, the Knights’ front office staff moved out of Knights Stadium in Fort Mill. It was a busy day for the front office staff as we moved all of our belongings from the stadium in Fort Mill to temporary offices across from BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte. We’ll stay in our temporary offices for about a month, as our move-in date at BB&T Ballpark is expected to be on Saturday, February 1st. The team store is expected to be open on March 1st. Stay tuned…

Next Step:
For now, the next major occurrence will happen on December 30, as we will officially say goodbye to Knights Stadium as the 24-year-old stadium will close it doors for good. It will be the last day I drive to 2280 Deerfield Drive.

Uptown Charlotte, Here We Come:
With that, I am now officially working in Uptown Charlotte — and I am so excited! Having my office across the street from our new kingdom is going to be exceptional for me. I can’t wait to see the progress up-close. And — I can’t wait to share that progress with all of our fans.

On Friday, December 20, my first day in my Uptown Charlotte office, I took a tour of BB&T Ballpark. It was amazing. As I walked around the ballpark, I snapped a ton of photos.

BB&T gates





BB&T Ballpark (2)

Over the next few weeks, you are going to get an up-close look at BB&T Ballpark. In fact, you are going to feel like you are in the ballpark!

Currently, our new kingdom is 90% completed. Yes, that’s right, just 10% more to go! Stay tuned for all of the photos, updates, and more. It’s going to be an exciting countdown to Opening Day, April 11, 2014.

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Wow, the new ballpark looks gorgeous! I was lucky enough to make it down south for a game in Knights Stadiums final season, and now I have an excuse to visit Charlotte again. That whole area was very good to us.

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