Showing Our Support for the Panthers…

With BB&T Ballpark getting closer and closer to completion, the Uptown Charlotte area is getting more exciting by the minute. Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Opening Day on Friday, April 11…

As a Charlotte Knights front office staff member, I can tell you that our whole staff is excited to join the Uptown area — and we are excited to become a part of the Uptown Charlotte sports community.

Coach Rivera auto

While the Knights have enjoyed an amazing 2013 — and the expectations of the 2014 are limitless — things have also been very exciting for the Carolina Panthers. After starting their season out at 1-3, the team went on a roll. They strung together a very impressive streak of eight straight wins.

Overall, the Panthers finished the regular season with a remarkable 12-4 record and a first-round bye in the NFC Playoffs.

After the San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers last week, the 49ers moved on to set things up for a round-two matchup in Charlotte on Sunday, January 12.

While I won’t be at the game on Sunday, a number of our front office staff members will be. I will still continue to show our support for them!

The Panthers are just two wins away from a Super Bowl appearance. Wouldn’t that be great?
A Super Bowl for the Panthers, a return to the Queen City for the Charlotte Knights, and the Bobcats are becoming the Hornets.

Charlotte is a great sports city already — but now, it seems like everything is coming together to set things up for greatness. I’m so excited to be a part of it all.


On Saturday, January 11 — one day before the Panthers host the 49ers at Bank of America Stadium, our staff showed our support by posting a few banners around our new home in Uptown Charlotte — BB&T Ballpark. Here is a before and after photo of our Rotunda area. #KeepPounding

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