Become a Part of BB&T Ballpark…

On Monday, January 13, the Charlotte Knights took another step forward in the construction of BB&T Ballpark. After introducing our commemorative brick program in May, construction crews installed nearly 500 bricks on Monday. Those bricks were purchased by fans over the past few months — all with a special story of their own.


The day turned out to be a big success as media members from all across the Charlotte area were on hand for the big event. There were many stories that came out of Monday’s event.

The Knights invited a few people out that had a special story to share about their brick.

Tim Powitz spent two seasons as an intern in the Knights merchandise department. A big baseball fan, Tim was ready to propose to his girlfriend and used that opportunity to buy a brick to propose. His story is a special one and he was happy to share that with everyone on Monday.

Tim proposed to his girlfriend with a replica brick and she said yes! The two were married in late December and he had a chance to see his brick on Monday.

Knights TV talks to Tim Powitz

Mike Shildt, who is the current manager of the Springfield Cardinals (Double-A St. Louis Cardinals), was on hand for the event. Mike had a brick donated to him and he had a chance to see it go into the ground.

mike shildt

Shildt grew up in the Charlotte area. Shildt’s mom Lib worked in the front office of the Charlotte O’s and he also worked for the Charlotte O’s as a kid.

I had the opportunity to talk to Mike about his days with the O’s, his brick, and his expectations of the 2014 season as he gets set to manage the Springfield Cardinals.

Knights TV talks to Mike Shildt

Brett Honeycutt, a Charlotte native, was also invited out to see his brick go into the ground. Brett dedicated his brick to his dad, who always took him to games at Crockett Park. It was nice to talk to Brett and hear some of his stories of attending games at Crockett Park. It certainly brings up many memories of Charlotte Baseball history.

Knights TV talks to Brett Honeycutt

Betsy Gload is the wife of former Knights standout and Major League star Ross Gload. Betsy also saw her brick on Monday. She dedicated a brick to her husband Ross.

Monday’s installation was the first of two installations before Opening Day. We are still selling bricks and fans can become a part of BB&T Ballpark just in time for Opening Day too. Any fan who orders a brick by February 9, will have that brick installed for Opening Day.

For more information about BB&T Ballpark Legacy Bricks, log on to

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