Animal Day at BB&T Ballpark

On Sunday, June 8th, the Charlotte Knights welcomed animals to BB&T Ballpark for the first time ever. While not all animals were welcome this time, the Knights did welcome dogs and a legendary professional wrestler who made his name as an “Animal”. For nearly five decades, this “Animal” made headlines in the wrestling ring and even starred in a major motion picture — Ed Wood. His name is George “the Animal” Steele — but it’s easier to just call him by his real name Jim Myers. I found that out in my interview with him. George Twitter

Tommy V interviews the “Animal” for Knights TV

Animal Day at BB&T Ballpark was a big success. Hundreds of dogs lined the concourse and seating bowl with their owners to watch the Charlotte Knights host the Columbus Clippers. While there was rain — and a rain delay — that didn’t stop fans from parading their pups around Charlotte’s new kingdom!

As for the “Animal” of the day, George “the Animal” Steele was superb! He met members of the media, he met the players and coaches, and then took a seat on the concourse where he signed hundreds of autographs for hours!

The “Animal” who was known for eating turnbuckles, took a bite out of his first pitch on Sunday. It was an interesting sight to see as “the Animal” made his way to the pitcher’s mound, took a bite out of the ball, and then threw his “flutter” pitch. The ball made its way to the catcher — well, not all of it.

George “the Animal” Steele’s first pitch

Here is a story from David Sentendrey of FOX 46, who came out to cover the Animal Day at BB&T Ballpark. He talked to fans, dogs, and even George “the Animal” Steele.

FOX 46 interviews George “the Animal” Steele 

All and all, it was a great day at BB&T Ballpark. Even with the rainy afternoon, 9,410 fans came out to BB&T Ballpark and hundreds of dogs went along for the ride. Thank you George “the Animal” Steele for a fun day at BB&T Ballpark!

DSC09382 DSC09388DSC09307DSC09422

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