Happy New Year…

Welcome back to the Knight Fever blog. Happy-New-YearHappy New Year to you and your family!

It has been quite awhile since I last wrote in the Knight Fever blog, so there is a lot to catch up on regarding the Charlotte Knights and Chicago White Sox.

Since my last post, there’s been a lot of new things going on in my world. First and foremost, on December 26, 2015, my wife and I welcomed our baby girl into the world. In just two short weeks, I’ve realized that there’s absolutely nothing that can compare to becoming a father. It is truly is an amazing experience and I feel so fortunate and blessed each day.

As for my job as the PR Director of the Charlotte Knights, the year 2016 is here, which means baseball season is near. As I write this post, Opening Knight at BB&T Ballpark is just three months away. The 2016 season will be my 10th working in Minor League Baseball and fifth with the Charlotte Knights. While there are a number of milestones for me, there’s no doubt that this year will certainly be one of the hardest of my professional career.

On top of 144 Charlotte Knights games, the team has added five college baseball games, and will host the 2016 Triple-A Baseball All-Star Game and Home Run Derby in July. I’m thrilled to be a part of it and continue to plan for it each day.

While I love the “down time” of the offseason, there’s no better time of year than baseball season. There’s still a lot to do before April, but as I look out of the press box window here at BB&T Ballpark — and see the fresh-cut grass — I know that my 10th year is near.

In the meantime, catch me each Saturday talking baseball with former major leaguer and former Charlotte Knights infielder, Jeff Schaefer, at 11 AM on WFNZ. The Schaefer Baseball Report is live from 11 AM to 12 PM every Saturday in the Queen City.

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