Vinas Meets the Media…

On Monday, February 15, Julio Vinas made his way into the Uptown Charlotte area for the first time as manager of the Charlotte Knights. 12717170_10153521649123406_2294403225992671431_n

Officially announced as Charlotte’s new skipper for the 2016 season back on January 19, Vinas got his first glimpse at the city he will call home from April to September. And although it was a cold, damp day in the Queen City, that didn’t matter much to the Miami native, who is ready to get the season started.

Vinas, 43, met the media during a 3:45 PM press conference in the Diamonds Direct Luxury Lounge at BB&T Ballpark and talked about the ballpark, his vision for the upcoming season, and more. He also had a chance to tour his new home, try on his new jersey, and take a look at his new office.

The former White Sox farmhand, who enters his sixth season as a manager in Chicago’s system, led the Birmingham Barons to a Southern League championship in 2013. On Monday, he stressed to the media that he wants to win this season.

“I know the White Sox want us to have a competitive team out here and win this year, so that’s what we’re going to try and do – win a championship for Charlotte. It deserves one. It was a great year for football; hopefully, it’ll be a great year for baseball as well,” exclaimed Vinas.

For more details from Monday’s press conference, check back on Tuesday for a blog from Knights Media Relations assistant Tom Liguori and a podcast interview with Julio from Knights broadcaster Mike Pacheco.

Here are a few photos I took from today’s press conference.




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